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  1. In 1992 it scuttled its intra European express delivery service after over estimating demand.
  2. Its express delivery service will now have access to DHL's global air express network.
  3. As of 1915, Bodega was serviced by Wells Fargo and Company, who provided express delivery service.
  4. Canada Post also owns 96 percent of Purolator Courier, the largest express delivery service in Canada.
  5. Federal Express, the largest express delivery service by far, has annual revenue of $ 11.5 billion.
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  7. TNT sold its logistics unit in 2006 to focus on network activities, mail and express delivery services.
  8. The airline also started an express delivery services company in 1976 which still exists as of 2007.
  9. In 2005, A-1 Express Delivery Services, Inc . added specialty services such as the Less-Than-Truckload shipping services.
  10. Federal Express, the largest express delivery service by far, has annual revenue of $ 11 . 5 billion.
  11. Express delivery services are provided by LBC, FedEx ( Air21 ), JRS Express, and EMS ( through PhilPost ).
  12. He said volume for TNT's express delivery service rose 20 percent on each strike day in August and September.
  13. Deutsche Post, which is majority owned by the German government, delivers mail in Germany and owns express delivery service DHL.
  14. And with the increased use of express delivery services, agents expect to take more orders that week than ever before.
  15. There is a growing demand for international express delivery services which we foresee will continue for some time to come.
  16. The company has a majority stake in DHL Worldwide Express delivery service and has acquired dozens of other delivery companies.
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