express definition in a sentence

  1. Index notation is often the clearest way to express definitions, and is used as standard in the literature.
  2. It is not to reflect my definition or your definition, but to express definitions found in notable, verifiable, and reliable sources.
  3. The fact that an express definition of the pre-emptive reach of a statute " implies " i . e . supports a reasonable inference that Congress did not intend to pre-empt other matters does not mean that the express clause entirely forecloses any possibility of implied pre-emption.
  4. Under a lesser standard, Moskowitz strongly rejected the vagueness argument . " [ T ] he fishing vessel definition here is patently broad on its face, " he wrote . " So broad, in fact, that an ordinary person of reasonable intelligence would think that the " KD II "'s activities would probably be included in the blanket fishing vessel definition rather than exempt from it . . . Commonsense indicates that picking up fish or its parts at sea aids fishing and thereby renders the vessel within the express definition of a'fishing vessel'under [ Magnuson Stevens ] . " He found further that the publication of the SFPA regulations by the NMFS in the " Federal Register " constituted constructive notice to Tai Loong . " A reasonable person in the shark fin business would be aware of the SFPA's application to the " KD II "'s activities ."
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