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  1. Johnson held that discriminatory legislation requires an express declaration by Section 2 of the " Bill of Rights " to remain operative.
  2. In the absence, therefore, of any express declaration by either, the inquiry was, what application would be most beneficial to the debtor.
  3. The " Beijing Express Declaration " was issued by women's groups from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics who arrived in Beijing on a special train Monday night from Warsaw.
  4. Accordingly, spouses are deemed incapable of transmutation except under specified circumstances, such as when making an EXPRESS DECLARATION of transmutation as by clear statement in a deed or other writing of substantial dignity.
  5. There are, as Mr . Wilson reminded us, other features in the history of the relationship between the plaintiff and the deceased which support the interpretation of those words as an express declaration of trust.
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  7. The U . S . Supreme Court offers two ways in which incorporation could be made : " incorporation is not to be assumed without express declaration, or an implication so strong as to exclude any other view ."
  8. The question is one of intention [ . . . . I ] n the absence of any express declaration of the parties, the intention to effect a novation cannot be held to exist except by way of necessary inference from all the circumstances of the case.
  9. In addition to making the right to'equality before the law'merely a vain provision, Johnson argued that the interpretation endorsed by " Gonzales " would also permit Parliament to discriminate on account of race without an express declaration that the impugned provision is to operate notwithstanding the " Bill of Rights ".
  10. He rejected this argument, concluding that " the act of Congress [ was ] not . . . a mere tacit acquiescence, but . . . an express declaration of the legislative mind, resulting from the manifest construction of the act itself . " Therefore, with congressional assent, Virginia had been able to constitutionally impose restrictions on Kentucky.
  11. The allies will exact from this Government payment of the expenses of the war which they have seen themselves obliged to accept, as well as reparation and indemnification for the damages and injuries caused to their public and private properties, and to the persons of their citizens, without express declaration of war, and for the damages and injuries committed subsequently in violation of the principles which govern the laws of war.
  12. From these cases, I should collect, that a proposition which, in one sense of it, is indisputably true,  namely, that, if the debtor does [ 607 ] not apply the payment, the creditor may make the application to what debt he pleases,  has been extended much beyond its original meaning, so as, in general, to authorise the creditor to make his election when he thinks fit, instead of confining it to the period of payment, and allowing the rules of law to operate where no express declaration is then made.
  13. An Indian Member of Parliament, Natwar Singh of the Janata Party, told his colleagues in the House that the Big Bomb had in reality proved a great equaliser,'and India had actually lost the significant edge that it had over Pakistan in conventional weaponry and military strength . Whether the swing in the strategic balance has shifted slightly in favour of Pakistan, with the express declaration of solidarity by the Organisation of Islamic Conference countries when Pakistan felt exposed to Indian nuclear blackmail, and with presumed assurance of financial support from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iran to compensate for sanctions when Pakistan went ahead to test its own nuclear devices, cannot but worry the West.

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