express dairies in a sentence

  1. Express Dairies disposed of its UHT business and Frome creamery in July 2002.
  2. Formerly, a siding served an Express Dairies bottling plant adjacent to the station.
  3. The most important traffic on the line was from the Express Dairies creamery at Ecton.
  4. In 1973 Express Dairies left the site, and the dairy museum was broken up.
  5. Miller told him that he would meet him the next day outside the Express Dairies.
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  7. In the 1950s and 1960s cows were grazed and milked on the site by Express Dairies.
  8. Express Dairies claims about 30 percent of the market for milk and cream in England and Wales.
  9. His activities usually centred on the innumerable ABC and Express Dairies teashops and their staffs of waitresses.
  10. The first was the disposal of the UK liquid milk operations to Express Dairies, for ?25 million.
  11. It also bought out the 50 % of joint-venture partner Express Dairies in the creamery at Frome.
  12. After giving up business, he worked at Express Dairies at Whittington, Shropshire until his death, aged 70.
  13. During the late Georgian period Sudbury was the home of the Express Dairy Company Limited run by the Barham Family.
  14. A new development of 9 luxury houses has been built on the site of the former Goodwins Milk / Express Dairy depot.
  15. The food processing company said it's spinning off its dairy business to form a new listed company, Express Dairies Plc.
  16. The foundations of Sudbury Lodge, formerly the home of George Barham, founder of Express Dairies, still stand amidst his walled gardens.
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