express daily in a sentence

  1. Romantsev said in an interview with the Sport Express daily newspaper.
  2. Social Democratic lawmaker Michael Mueller was quoted as saying by the Express daily.
  3. Klaus Kinkel said in an interview in Tuesday's edition of the Cologne Express daily.
  4. A defense ministry spokesman refused to confirm or deny the report in the Indian Express daily newspaper Sunday.
  5. A defense ministry spokesman refused to confirm or deny the report in the Indian Express daily newspaper on Sunday.
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  7. Vaheed became the president of the Thiruvananthapuram district INTUC . He started " Youth Express Daily " in 1983.
  8. Investigations have shown that the warehouse was stocked with paints and resins when the fire started, the Indian Express daily said.
  9. "Matthew's always dreamed of a hole-in-one, " his father Philip told The Express daily newspaper.
  10. The local Koelner Express daily reported Israel special agents will also patrol the stadium grounds and that Leverkusen police have trained video cameras on the area.
  11. Markovic's statement in the Politika Express daily is an apparent testing of the waters ahead of general elections widely expected to be held this fall.
  12. It also provided a number of non-franchise services throughout Hong Kong, including express daily coach services between residential developments and city / town centres.
  13. The practice of intercepting foreign mail, though illegal, has been going on for years, said the Indian Express daily in a front-page story.
  14. The court on Friday stayed the hanging of Ram Shree, her father and brother, after admitting a last-minute clemency plea, the Indian Express daily reported.
  15. It could only happen in Kosovo . " " Express Daily " also added that the election was a result of " the way Hashim Tha鏸 wanted it.
  16. In 2002, Samar when working with The Indian Express daily wrote extensively on lending given by public sector banks to big industrialists such as Wipro, Tata and Mahindra & Mahindra.
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