express cruiser in a sentence

  1. "The 38 Commander Express cruiser was the pivotal boat in the development of fiberglass technology by Chris-Craft Industries.
  2. The company is currently producing the Element line of express cruiser boats with the first model of the series, the Element 270 EXC beginning production in 2005.
  3. The Fairform Flyer 42 Express Cruiser was launched in July 1928, captained by Huckins himself on its maiden voyage from Fernandina, Florida to New York City.
  4. Kelly, 46, fit, tanned and wearing orange bathing trunks, was at the wheel of his 40-foot, express cruiser with twin 330 horsepower motors.
  5. An Express Cruiser does not usually have a Fly Bridge / Flying Bridge and usually looks sleek and'sporty'with the design being biased more towards performance rather than luxurious / spacious accommodation.
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  7. In 2007, Regal received the J . D Power and Associates Awards for  Highest Customer Satisfaction with Small Runabouts ( 16-19 feet ) and Express Cruisers ( 24-33 feet ) .
  8. Uniflite soon added a 14', an 18'and a 20'outboard and inboard / outboard boats, followed by a 25'express cruiser followed by a 31'and a 34'boat.
  9. In 1992, Carver ( under Genmar Holdings ownership ) bought the bankrupt Trojan Yachts assets and started to produce a new Trojan line of Express cruisers which were marginally popular in their category and were discontinued in 2002.
  10. You'll find such conveyances as the Mercedes-Benz Maybach 62 ( $ 350, 000 ), Fountain Powerboats'sleek 48 Express Cruiser ( $ 850, 000 ) and the Boeing business jet ( $ 45 million ).
  11. By 1920, Wood had piloted the Liberty-powered Miss America to victory at the World's Speedboat Championship in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the One-Mile North American Championship, his fifth consecutive Gold Cup and the Express Cruiser Championships in Miami.

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