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"express as" in Chinese  
  1. In original Confucianism the concept of Tin expresses a form of pantheism.
  2. Other scientists too express a sort of discomfort with the blitzkrieg hypothesis.
  3. Yet among themselves, Tijuanenses express a concern that sometimes borders on panic.
  4. But he did express a desire to get this thing over quickly.
  5. The subjunctive mood is used to express a condition contrary to fact.
  6. It's difficult to find express as in a sentence.
  7. They chose the name to express a combination of ambivalence and power.
  8. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan express a more forthright version of Arab solidarity.
  9. He added Jenkins did not express a desire to leave North Korea.
  10. It expresses a sense of tradition that is mirrored in this artwork,
  11. It expresses a profound disagreement with the policies of the federal government.
  12. express a desire for the tradition that began in 1909 to continue.
  13. Nor did anyone ever express a desire for greasy or fried foods.
  14. The potential form is also occasionally used to express a wish.
  15. But sometimes they may simply express a collective sense of hope.
  16. However, he has yet to express a clear desire for reunification.
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