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  1. I come with the only truth worth expounding in uncertain times.
  2. He opposed the recent William Mason, expounding his political philosophy:
  3. Van Rensburg was expounding his latest vision to a hushed audience.
  4. Starting in 1951 she began expounding on wide range of ideas.
  5. Maybe with the soccer aficionado Henry Kissinger expounding on the Ronaldo Realpolitik?
  6. It's difficult to find expounding in a sentence.
  7. Ortiz chose to pass on expounding on his home run.
  8. He did an excellent job of expounding on American values.
  9. The sangha traveled through the subcontinent, expounding the dharma.
  10. The third section, expounding Fraternity, was officially adopted in 1891.
  11. Spiridonova addressed these crowds, expounding the SR political program.
  12. Archibald then listens to an elderly Baconian expounding an incomprehensible cipher theory.
  13. Why are you expounding about the 20S and 19S particles?
  14. My husband spent the evening expounding on his cleverness.
  15. She kept pointing to and expounding on the park's edible greens.
  16. Fforde says in expounding on his love of the highbrow-lowbrow marriage.
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