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  1. "Me with my paranoia ? " she expostulates.
  2. Lindley could only expostulate and was unsuccessful in moderating his actions.
  3. "No one cares any more, " expostulated newspaper seller Martin Marks.
  4. The reader may now vent exasperation at a surfeit of data by expostulating the very phrase being so minutely examined.
  5. He expostulated his philosophical theory of the  tripartite soul to counter the cultural and moral relativism of the time.
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  7. "My goodness, how do you think he is ? " expostulated one adviser to Clinton on Friday.
  8. The whole ballot, expostulated campaign manager David Evans, was " run by old Etonian toffs " who supported Major.
  9. As a liberal author, he also expostulates on the necessity of humanism and secularism in democratic societies and critiques the Conservative Revolution.
  10. Bodley, who had made celibacy a condition in his statutes, expostulated with James, but eventually allowed him to take a wife.
  11. Some characters blurt their thoughts, showing honesty; others weasel their words, showing duplicity; yet others expostulate grammatically but endlessly, showing off.
  12. In 887, some monks expostulate to the emperor Leo the Wise as the monastery of Kolovos is growing more and more and they lose their peace.
  13. Whenever another performer adopted his techniques, Jimmy Durante, mock-furious, would expostulate : " Everybody wants ta get inna de act !"
  14. Zhuge Liang compared Hu to Xu Shu, Dong He and Cui Zhouping, calling them his " expostulating friends ", because they often had intellectual debates.
  15. Luckily, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has waded into the fray with an exhibition that brings historical perspective to the current blight of expostulating garments.
  16. "Oh, that is so stupid ! " expostulated a normally reserved Cynthia Latta, a senior economist with DRI / McGraw-Hill in Lexington, Mass.
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