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  1. By the medieval period much thought had been given to the story and the Egerton Genesis includes expository material, some of it dating back to Origen.
  2. As outside forces conspire against Frank, the double-and triple-crosses pile up, and tons of misplaced expository material is jammed into the final reel.
  3. SEQUEL TO JOURNEY WEST-Book 1 by Tsai Chih Chung ( Asiapac ) : Ming Dynasty writer Wu Cheng'en ( 1500-1582 ) wrote Journey to the West, an epic about a monkey and a pig who accompany a monk in search of expository material for the Sutras.
  4. However, Hellman felt the first part of the script had too much expository material involving Gashade's trip through the desert as he returned to the mining camp, so Hellman simply deleted it, noting that " Exposition, by its very nature, is artificial . " After discarding the material, Hellman began shooting at approximately " Page 10 " of the screenplay.
  5. Alex Evans of Weekly Comic Book Review gave a " C + " to " "'Ghost Rider " "'# 1, opining that the book featured some excellent ideas and solid artwork by Matthew Clark that were hampered by the crossover and some at times " sketchy " writing, which included flat humor, overwritten dialogue, the relegation of expository material to the backup story and an unlikable protagonist threatening children.
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