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  1. The writing task is an expository essay on an open-ended, generic topic, typically asking to present and support your opinion or view.
  2. A good deal of the problem is Cynthia Whitcomb's script, which has the majority of the characters talking in expository essay form.
  3. Usually an analytic or expository essay, it may also be a piece of original fiction, poetry, a performance or work of visual art.
  4. Reading becomes more refined and writing is integrated into all curriculum areas through the use of expository essays, research reports, literature responses, journals, and logs.
  5. In the  All School Write program in the spring of 2005, all students " were directed by a carefully selected prompt to write an expository essay ".
  6. It's difficult to find expository essay in a sentence.
  7. The extended essay involves writing an argumentative research paper of 18 20 pages, while the creative project involves completing a relevant project and writing a shorter argumentative or expository essay of 8 10 pages.
  8. I don't see why most of the relevant facts couldn't be included in a Wiktionary " Appendix " ( though obviously not long expository essays ) . talk ) 10 : 29, 17 April 2012 ( UTC)
  9. In " The Philosophy of W . V . Quine : An Expository Essay, " a study that the subject himself endorsed, Roger F . Gibson Jr . wrote that if Quine's project could be summed up in a single sentence, that sentence would read.
  10. Gibson's two monographs  " The Philosophy of W . V . Quine : An Expository Essay " ( 1982 ) and " Enlightened Empiricism : An Examination of W . V . Quine's Theory of Knowledge " ( 1988 )  are held in especially high regard.

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