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  1. These works mark him as the principal American expositor of Universalism.
  2. It was during this time that he created The Berean Expositor.
  3. He was a lithographer with the " Brantford Expositor ".
  4. Very little has been written on the old expositors of the rule.
  5. Nothing is sourced to the Watchman Expositor, nor should it be.
  6. It's difficult to find expositor in a sentence.
  7. What is so interesting about this brainy expositor of the economics of growth?
  8. Seldom can gneiss, granite and ignimbrite have found so enthusiastic an expositor.
  9. He was also recognized as a great mathematical expositor.
  10. Expositor's Bible Commentary also makes this assertion.
  11. B鰄m-Bawerk was perhaps the most able expositor of Menger's conception.
  12. An eminent Bible expositor will teach no more.
  13. Uriah Smith, Adventism s most noted prophetic expositor, was placed on the defensive.
  14. In 1890, he became the owner of the " Brantford Expositor ".
  15. Moigno was a prolific writer, an expositor of science rather than an original investigator.
  16. He is a great lecturer and expositor.
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