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  1. Exposito was optioned to Pawtucket two days later without appearing in a game.
  2. Exposito spent his season playing for the Portland Sea Dogs leading the team with 94 RBI.
  3. For Extremadura, Italian Antonio Exposito scored in the 64th minute, but Rumanian Denis Servan tied it a minute later.
  4. Due to criticism, a six-year stay followed, broken when Pedro Mart韓ez Exposito was shot in 1972 for homicide and robbery.
  5. In 2005, under the direction of Jordi Exposito, the paper became a free publication, financed with the support of subscribers and donations.
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  7. "He's just a little kid, " said James B . Exposito, 16, a freshman at Miami High School.
  8. Chief Exposito also criticized the Justice Department's final report as being vague, lacking substance and riddled with substantial inaccuracies, omissions and baseless conclusions.
  9. "I feel very happy today, " said Gloria Exposito, a 41-year old housewife, as she prepared to cast her vote.
  10. On April 17, 2012 . the Orioles designated Bell for assignment in a move that would make room for catcher Luis Exposito on the 40-man roster.
  11. A lo sumo, admiten que fue un nino exposito, tal vez hijo de un cura y, como tal, hermano de un musico famoso, Cayetano Carreno.
  12. Exposito's rural neighborhood, government officials say, stands as one of the obstacles to a comprehensive effort to repair the vast expanse of wetlands that is the Everglades.
  13. Knoll's " Exposito Regul?Fratrum Minorum ", a treatise on the obligations of the Franciscan rule, has been commended as a faithful interpretation of the spirit of Francis of Assisi.
  14. Businesses include Exposito's Soroa Orchids, whose motto, " an exquisite encounter with nature, " is a promise he said he might not be able to keep somewhere else.
  15. Businesses include Exposito's Soroa Orchids Inc ., whose motto, " an exquisite encounter with nature, " is a promise he said he might not be able to keep somewhere else.
  16. OSASUNA : Ricardo Sanzol; Jose Izquierdo, Josetxo Romero, Francisco Javier Jusue, Unai Exposito; Alfredo Sanchez, Francisco Punal, Mohamed el Yaagoubi, Luis Alfonso Sota; Mikel Loperena y Valmiro Lopez.
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