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  1. We are also making improvements to the entire Exposition Park area.
  2. The $ 75 ticket price includes unlimited access to the exposition.
  3. The museum is at 900 Exposition Blvd ., Los Angeles.
  4. The New Orleans exposition went bankrupt and had to close early.
  5. As a movie it's all exposition, no resolution.
  6. It's difficult to find expositions in a sentence.
  7. They exhibited new art at universal expositions, alongside new technology.
  8. Atlanta : Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association sponsors annual convention and exposition.
  9. There are pages of descriptive material and exposition in the books.
  10. He peddled his wares at fairs and expositions around the country.
  11. It's no more realistic than his famously stylized exposition.
  12. So the order came down : Take out all the exposition.
  13. At the Colonial Exposition, this habit was given a habitat.
  14. In 1888, Jacksonville hosted the Florida Sub-Tropical Exposition.
  15. He designed some remarkable silver containers for the 1900 Paris Exposition.
  16. He has to carry a heavy load of exposition and tone.
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