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  1. With a brilliant expositional style he blends science and common sense.
  2. The expositional coda also features motifs containing three eighth notes.
  3. This battle of expositional ideology was won by the originators.
  4. The first movement unfolds as if in sonata form, with no expositional repeat.
  5. He was outspoken among his generation of evangelical ministers in encouraging systematic expositional preaching.
  6. It's difficult to find expositional in a sentence.
  7. The expositional coda returns to the l鋘dler style.
  8. The album's expositional content is interpreted by critics in relation to contemporary society.
  9. The expositional coda also features a pulsating accompaniment against a chromatic rise in the strings.
  10. "I'm like the expositional eunuch coming in the middle of the story.
  11. The expositional coda contains an overture-like crescendo which is not included in the recapitulation.
  12. He discovered that excessive expositional dialogue, usually frowned upon by writers, was essential for the groups.
  13. The first section develops the exposition's first theme and the second develops themes from the expositional coda.
  14. There are expositional explanations of baseball terminology and lore, plenty of waxing eloquent on the magic of the game.
  15. The gameplay is intermixed with expositional cutscenes revealing the plot, shown in the same isometric view as the battles.
  16. This was done for a better shot for the expositional title of the book explaining the effects of LSD to the audience.
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