expositional dialogue in a sentence

  1. He discovered that excessive expositional dialogue, usually frowned upon by writers, was essential for the groups.
  2. The tone is broad and coarse, with groaningly expositional dialogue that seems meant as a parody of stage melodramas of the period:
  3. But in " Gone With the Wind, " when he has to handle a fair amount of the kind of thankless expositional dialogue usually given to supporting players, Gable does it beautifully.
  4. And the earlier movie's notoriously incoherent script was a lot more fun than this one's multiwriter mishmash of numbing expositional dialogue, ` 50s-vintage space opera and New Age sci-fi spirituality.
  5. It's easy to become swept up in the palpable enthusiasm Estevez shows toward his subject, but the pedestrian and overly expositional dialogue of the film's characters proves to be as stifling as the excerpts from Kennedy's speeches are stirring ."
  6. It's difficult to find expositional dialogue in a sentence.
  7. Gareth McLean writing in the same publication said that, " despite the occasional flashy moment, high-octane drama this is not, " criticising the film for, " copious amounts of tiresome expositional dialogue and a leaden plot, " before concluding, " why not treat yourself and rent Syriana instead ?"

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