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  1. French economic growth slowed as investment fell and export growth stagnated.
  2. Shares in major exporters declined amid concern about slowing export growth.
  3. The export growth in April was the slowest since November 1994.
  4. While export growth was strong in November, import growth slowed.
  5. Of ECLAC's 20 nations, 15 showed export growth.
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  7. Strong export growth until now has counteracted those drags on growth.
  8. Continued weak demand overseas, meanwhile, held down export growth.
  9. Some analysts also see export growth as offsetting a decreased demand.
  10. That is twice Australia's overall rate of export growth.
  11. August was the third straight month of double digit export growth.
  12. To sustain export growth, manufacturers must launch more new products.
  13. That's because import growth will exceed export growth.
  14. Strong export growth set off a round of investment spending.
  15. Highland said that doesn't represent a slowdown in export growth.
  16. Export growth of food and shoes slowed, he said.
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