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  1. The contraction also became apparent in Switzerland's energy consumption and export growth rates.
  2. The export growth rate " needs to be much higher to help the economy rebound,"
  3. That was the year when Asia recorded the lowest export growth rate among all the world's major regions.
  4. Nonetheless, the Commerce Ministry expects to achieve an export growth rate of around 10 to 12 per cent this year.
  5. State and foreign-invested companies reported the same export growth rate of 26 percent for the four-month period, the newspaper's report said.
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  7. The export growth rate for steel products in March is also likely to exceed February's rate of 17 percent, it added.
  8. Exports have been the engine of growth, and if the export growth rate drops, we have to be worried about that.
  9. The sustained growth in Philippine exports of electronics products has kept our export growth rate one of the highest in Asia,
  10. The minister said that Bangladesh is maintaining the highest export growth rate in the region which is at present 16.75 per cent.
  11. A decline in Taiwan's export growth rate in November may be a sign that its economy is tipped for a slowdown, economists said.
  12. The minister said that Bangladesh is maintaining the highest export growth rate in the region which is at present 16 . 75 per cent.
  13. Pick up in export growth rates to 11.7 per cent in September 1997 and 9.7 per cent in October 1997 also fuelled these expectations.
  14. Not only has the export growth rate spiralled downwards for the second year running, there are no signs of a let up in the plunge.
  15. Mid-sized manufacturers are particularly upbeat about export gains, with more than 56 percent saying they expect 1998 export growth rates to be better than 1997.
  16. Chinese officials have said its export growth rate this year will probably be 4 percent to 5 percent, compared with an earlier estimate of 10 percent.
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