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  1. However, organizing cultural trade is different from organizing other non-oil export goods.
  2. Dharavi exports goods around the world . to over 1 billion per year.
  3. On the other hand, each country exports goods that are available at home.
  4. Membership in the organization improves a nation's ability to export goods and services.
  5. India currently exports goods to Central Asia countries such as Turkmenistan via Russia.
  6. It's difficult to find export goods in a sentence.
  7. Abolish all retribusi ( local taxes ) at all levels on export goods.
  8. A staple place, Mosj鴈n had the privilege to export goods directly to foreign countries.
  9. Sanctions would take affect 30 days after the list of export goods is published.
  10. Bhutan's main export partner is India, accounting for 58.6 percent of its export goods.
  11. Membership in the organization greatly enhances a nation's ability to export goods and services.
  12. The All Pakistan Trader's Convention are demanding the withdrawal of taxes on export goods.
  13. I believe we need to create and keep good jobs here and export goods,
  14. That would eat into Japanese manufacturers profits, leading them to increases prices for export goods.
  15. The principal export goods were tea, rice, and matches.
  16. Sri Lanka would export goods worth dlrs 1.6 million to South Korea, the official said.
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