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  1. Interfaces allow a module to import and export functions and data.
  2. :I recommend that you try the Special : Export function.
  3. ISIS / Draw 2.5 is free, but its export function is faulty.
  4. Test from Seattle P-I This is a test of wire export function . today tomorrow
  5. On line CiteULike entries can be downloaded to a local computer by means of export functions.
  6. It's difficult to find export function in a sentence.
  7. :Somewhere or other there's an export function that I think lets you save pages as raw wiki code.
  8. I need to retrieve several hundred Wikipedia articles, and I would like to do so via the Special : Export function.
  9. Usually such tools contain an export function that allows a specification document to be created by exporting the requirements data into a standard document application.
  10. Many systems permit this operation, either by converting the document with import and export functions, or by making their internal document format an open standard.
  11. Import and export functions exist that allow for data to be converted between plain-text, CSV, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and other formats.
  12. I am unsure if this the right place to report this but the Book tool's PDF export function has been producing incorrectly rendered notes and references for several months, maybe over a year.
  13. :You can use the Print / Export function in the menu to the left of the page to render the articles as PDF documents . talk ) 14 : 37, 5 March 2013 ( UTC)
  14. In addition to general plug-in mechanisms, the new form of dynamic library linkage ( Connection Libraries ) allows programs to import and export functions and data, and hence one program runs code supplied by another.
  15. The proposed bill would create a new Trade Administration that would merge the trade and export functions of the Commerce Department, the U . S . Trade Representative, the Export-Import Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
  16. Wii users only need to have a " Rock Band 2 " save file present and pay the export fee to perform the export function; however, tracks are downloaded individually, allowing the user to delete unwanted songs.
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