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  1. Overseas production will top exports from Japan for the first time.
  2. The move is aimed at boosting exports from these developing nations.
  3. Japanese exports compete with exports from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
  4. Figures for exports from Austin in 1997 are not yet available.
  5. This places exports from other Caribbean Basin states at a disadvantage.
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  7. Generally, Asian imports grew faster than exports from the region.
  8. In July, exports from Japan grew 12.1 percent.
  9. The company is developing new markets to increase exports from Thailand.
  10. The port remains closed, hampering oil exports from the region.
  11. Last year, total exports from Belarus reached dlrs 26 million.
  12. The board controls wheat exports from Canada's western provinces.
  13. A war is almost certain to disrupt oil exports from Iraq.
  14. Crude exports from the region were not affected, he said.
  15. The IPC began exports from the Kirkuk oil field in 1934.
  16. Israeli exports from Malaysia were worth $ 26.3 million.
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