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  1. With an ice-free port, this rail terminus would allow Russia's far east to export freight year round to Pacific markets.
  2. In its first year the company achieved the top ranking for export freight forwarding by the IATA, which stemmed from its logistics initiatives in the fresh fruit market.
  3. In August 2007 coastal shipping firm Pacifica Shipping called for the section of the line between Onehunga Wharf and the end of the line at the Port of Onehunga to be reopened, to allow for export freight from the South Island to be unloaded at the wharf and transferred by rail to the Ports of Auckland on the Waitemata Harbour.
  4. {{ Quotation | Within the term of the current contract with Capgemini to run the CHIEF ( Customs Handling of Import & Export Freight ) service from 2010 to 2015, is a requirement for CHIEF to be replatformed to replace the outdated COBOL and VME-based existing system, with a Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) design, which will allow integration with other CSTP and other HMRC business processes.
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