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  1. Pridiyathorn said the export financing programme will run for five years.
  2. Source : House Appropriations Subcommittee for Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs.
  3. What is needed to get these projects off the ground is export financing.
  4. BNDES has also shifted from lending to large scale, investor-owned companies to export finance.
  5. We will work within the OECD towards common environmental guidelines for export finance agencies.
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  7. Loans by those agencies-- mostly export financing-- shot up 47 percent to $ 9.9 billion.
  8. The House voted 333-89 to approve the appropriations bill covering foreign operations and export financing.
  9. The bank specializes in domestic and international trade finance services with an emphasis on export financing.
  10. Sin embargo, Leawood Export Finance fue todo oidos.
  11. Loans by those agencies-- mostly export financing-- shot up 47 percent to $ 9 . 9 billion.
  12. Earlier this century, beef and grain exports financed the city's evolution from backward port to cultural hub.
  13. Leawood Export Finance, however, was all ears.
  14. There is special window of export financing.
  15. Sinosure also provides support for export financing.
  16. It plans to attack its current account deficit with new export finance credits and increased import tariffs.
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