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  1. If shipments exceed the quotas, export fees are paid to the Canadian government.
  2. The miner's right and an export fee based on the value of the gold.
  3. Berchtesgaden also imposed import / export fees for the goods which crossed the Bohemian border.
  4. From there, the skates are sent to American customers, saving Zawadzki on shipping and export fees and customs headaches.
  5. Failure to ratify the treaty would expose U . S . chemical manufacturers to higher export fees and increased regulations.
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  7. Almost all Canadian oil exports feed to the U . S . market, the world's largest importer and consumer of refined oil products.
  8. Senate rejection of the treaty would cost the industry about $ 600 million in higher export fees and regulations, according to the Chemical Manufacturers Association.
  9. The treaty defined a program of gradual elimination of import / export fees that would reach a free commerce zone by the end of 1994.
  10. The shift comes after an April agreement restricting lumber shipments free of export fees to the U . S . to 14.7 billion board feet a year.
  11. Adding import and export fees, plus transportation and refrigeration costs, processing poultry in Mexico and returning it to the U . S . wouldn't be worth it, he said.
  12. The shift comes after an April agreement restricting lumber shipments free of export fees to the U . S . to 14 . 7 billion board feet a year.
  13. The seller covers all the costs of transport ( export fees, carriage, unloading from main carrier at destination port and destination port charges ) and assumes all risk until arrival at the destination port or terminal.
  14. Wii users only need to have a " Rock Band 2 " save file present and pay the export fee to perform the export function; however, tracks are downloaded individually, allowing the user to delete unwanted songs.
  15. Creditors reached a tentative agreement in November to provide Daewoo Motor about $ 440 million in additional operating funds, $ 1 billion to cover unpaid export fees and $ 250 million to cover purchases of raw materials.
  16. Erwin Muller, chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries'Rubber Products, said at the same seminar that he thought the private sector would be ready to contribute an export fee of between 0.1-0.5 per cent to help the setting up of the rubber institute.
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