experience in a sentence

"experience" meaning  "experience" in Chinese  
  1. Another first in the U . S . Olympic Festival experience.
  2. Many of these organizations find her fund-raising experience helpful.
  3. Like the other directors, he found the experience a relief.
  4. The actress has had firsthand experience with illness's toll.
  5. The deal may also represent a humbling experience for the government.
  6. It's difficult to find experience in a sentence.
  7. But he says he has one regret about his war experiences.
  8. He says he's had only one really bad experience.
  9. True, Barneys never experienced a vendor revolt before last fall.
  10. But the cultural experience has to be at least as valuable.
  11. Charlotte's 1853 novel based on her experiences in Brussels.
  12. "Nightmare " proved to be a unique experience.
  13. Soccer was more of a do-it-yourself experience.
  14. But they came away from their shared experience with opposite views.
  15. I have never experienced so much weak data on any subject.
  16. -- Find out how much experience the massage therapist has.
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