experience and nature in a sentence

"experience and nature" in Chinese  
  1. "My poetry is deeply related with inner life's experience and nature.
  2. Alexander's influence is referenced in " Human Nature and Conduct " and " Experience and Nature ."
  3. A vigilant writer who is aware of them simply drops them as foreign to his experience and nature.
  4. As evidenced in his later " Experience and Nature " ( 1925 ), this practical element, learning by doing, arose from his subscription to the philosophical school of Pragmatism.
  5. Instead, under the influence of Locke and Newton, deists turned to natural theology and to arguments based on experience and nature : the cosmological argument and the argument from design.
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  7. In his major work, " Experience and Nature " ( 1925 ), he laid out the beginnings of a theory of aesthetic experience, and wrote two important essays for " Philosophy and Civilization " ( 1931 ).
  8. Furthermore, with an increase in technology people who have been to an assessment day of a company write about their experiences and nature of exercises involved on social websites and student forums which in result give all the answers to future candidates and they prepare themselves in advance which is sometimes not fair for selection process.
  9. Depending on the translator's experience and nature or the text, the translator might need to assess the degree of difficulty and type of difficulty in a text, such as whether they are able to translate the text properly in a timely manner, or whether there are more specific translation problems that they do not understand . and may be very familiar with certain terminology and texts.

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