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  1. He has channeled his experiences and lessons into dedicating himself to the community and giving to those less fortunate.
  2. Sch鰊 believed that people and organizations should be flexible and incorporate their life experiences and lessons learned throughout their life.
  3. The campaign sent successful LGBT people back to their hometown high schools to share knowledge, experience and lessons learned.
  4. The experience and lesson of this city must be universalized, " the 58-year-old New Yorker said.
  5. It offers a forum to exchange experiences and lessons, identify and disseminate good practice, and develop policy and analytical tools.
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  7. In addition, Cooper speaks to professionals as well as high school and college students to share her experiences and lessons learned.
  8. In addition to the obvious payoff in food and fun, children and mothers and fathers find all manner of experiences and lessons in backyard plots.
  9. PEAS recently held its first annual teachers conference in Kampala, Uganda, bringing together teachers from across the PEAS network to share experiences and lesson.
  10. Through community gatherings, slide shows and other presentations, the Los Haro Support Committee will be shares its experiences and lessons learned with other hometown organizations.
  11. Benazir Bhutto learned a valuable experience and lesson from the presidency of Ghulam Ishaq Khan, and the presidential elections were soon called after her re-election.
  12. A meeting between KWS / KFS / Rhino Ark and Ol Pejeta Conservancy was held today to share experiences and lessons learned in the management of electric fences.
  13. The training course held in Kuala Lumpur is aimed at sharing experiences and lessons learnt in Asia with African countries and to promote development cooperation between Asia and Africa.
  14. "There were many new experiences and lessons exchanged and made use of during the meetings, " he told a press conference at the assembly's end.
  15. Al-Johar tried to emphasize the positives, saying his team had " gained a lot of experience and lessons, " and promised to rebuild the team.
  16. "The youth must not wait for anyone and must begin resisting from now _ and take experience and lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan and Chechnya, " the speaker said.
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