experience and judgment in a sentence

  1. John Kerry has the experience and judgment needed to keep our nation safe.
  2. Interpreting it requires practical experience and judgment.
  3. "He takes full advantage of the senior minister's experience and judgment.
  4. Objectively speaking, that should be the case because of her experience and judgment on issues.
  5. This experience and judgment was a key factor to be a good teacher and coach in climbing.
  6. It's difficult to find experience and judgment in a sentence.
  7. Later, Bey recorded the album " Experience and Judgment ", which had Indian influences.
  8. Therefore, experience and judgment are required to recognize a rout and make the decision to conduct a pursuit.
  9. And lacking an adult's experience and judgment, they are more likely to ignore rules and take undue risks.
  10. "We chose them because they have great experience and judgment, " said Amazon Chief Financial Officer Joy Covey.
  11. "Those are the people who claim their experience and judgment is so valuable to the American people, " Edwards said.
  12. To this end, administrators are expected to use their experience and judgment to balance the need to disruptive behaviour to a minimum.
  13. Henry combined all of these aspects into his own system that held pain and pleasure as the basis for all esthetic experiences and judgments.
  14. When the GOP voters were asked whether McCain and Bush have the experience and judgment necessary to be president, the two front-running Republicans scored evenly.
  15. I think it takes an extremely intelligent person, with a lot of experience and judgment, to write about popular culture in a lucid and intelligent way.
  16. PBIS has been at issue because consumer advocates and some inspectors have contended that it is not flexible and second-guesses inspectors more reliable experience and judgment.
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