experi in a sentence

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  1. The implications of the experi-ment may reach beyond the domain of embryology.
  2. We need to clear our palates after our delicious funnel-cake experi ence.
  3. Experi-enUs at fostering fundamentalist movements to counter some perceived threat can backfire.
  4. I believe it will prove to be a positive experi-ment for all parties.
  5. It was a great learning experi ence.
  6. It's difficult to find experi in a sentence.
  7. If it doesn't you will have to experi-ment until you find the right solvent.
  8. "Being outside, getting really high, it's just an awesome experi ence,"
  9. Harriet Washington, freelance medical writer, Rochester, N . Y .; medical experi-mentation on humans.
  10. Demand for the information began to surface more than 15 years ago, he said, as more consumers began to experi-
  11. Sen . Diane Feinstein is the most obvious choice, an experi enced politician with the added benefit of hailing from California.
  12. I feel at this stage of my career that I would benefit from gaining more experi a cricket management and coaching role.
  13. She is intrigued by how people's perception is altered by different experi-ences in life and loves sharing her natural surroundings.
  14. If the orders made to Comerica on Experi-Metal's account were not received in " good faith, " they would not be effective.
  15. They've taught me about a kind of red-blooded bigotry I never experi enced until I changed my name to " Valdez ."
  16. In an exquisitely clear-cut experi-ment, Dr . Hongyan Zou and Dr . Lee Niswander blocked the signal and found that chickens developed duck feet.
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