experence in a sentence

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  1. Hey there, Just new to the whole wikapedia experence.
  2. I have around five hundred edits, and two months experence on Wikipedia.
  3. Experence tells us that once you move outside the article namespace these requirements tend not to be fufilled.
  4. Based on wikipedia experence we know that project is going to have problems . Geni 18 : 04, 7 July 2006 ( UTC)
  5. "Help us to be vigilant so these tragedies don't happen, to prevent such a terrible experence from happening again, " the bishop said.
  6. It's difficult to find experence in a sentence.
  7. What I really wanted to say though is that I'm deeply saddened by these blocks, and speaking from personal experence I can state categorically that blocking only makes matters worse, it doesn't fix anything.
  8. The numbers are enough to insure that Prodi, a fresh face whose only other government experence was stewardship of Italy's largest state-owned company, will be given the task of forming Italy's 55th government since the end of World War II.
  9. You are clearly not a sailor, nor do you have any experence according to your own member logs at anything other then posting the removal tag on any new story that seems pop up . http : / / en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Special : Contributions / Noq

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