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  1. An alternative description is the " point of marginal expensiveness " or PME.
  2. Rice is not as frequent in rural Hazara cuisine due to its expensiveness.
  3. It tells the investor the price ranges of the stock and gives him an idea of the current stock's expensiveness relative to the past year.
  4. I have heard that the expensiveness of Chinese medicine is due to, among other things, a trade regulation on Chinese pharmaceutical products issued by the health ministry.
  5. When original designers are confronted about the issue of price, they justify their expensiveness by means of the creative effort that goes into both the design and production process.
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  7. But its price-to-book ratio, a measure of a stock's expensiveness, is only about half that of the S & AMP; P 500.
  8. :Newport, Rhode Island was a major yachting center, so I imagine the people who thought of the brand were trying to associate it with breeziness, coolness and expensiveness.
  9. The terrible boredom and frightening rumor that the Republic of Venice was about to negotiate peace, but also illness, expensiveness, mutual fights ( and religious strife ) played a disastrous role in that year.
  10. Cameron Mackintosh's new production of Lionel Bart's 1960 musical based on Dickens'" Oliver Twist " fairly shrieks its expensiveness, even in the scenes of workhouses or the subterranean lairs of pickpockets.
  11. According to 蓃ic Chahi, the team did consider using Silicon Graphics workstations, but found that the improvement over 3D Studio was not enough to justify the expensiveness of the workstations or having to restart the work on the cutscenes.
  12. Instead of focusing on the stock's price-to-earnings ratio, which measures the relative expensiveness of a stock, Hallaren prefers the price-to-sales ratio _ market capitalization divided by sales in the prior four quarters.
  13. Second, the negative association among middle-income women in consideration of the above-mentioned expensiveness of most healthy products raises the question of whether the easier access to unhealthy, energy-dense and less expensive food is the crucial point to explain the high prevalence of obesity in Mexico ( Dinsa et al . ).
  14. The final product quality ( low or high ) is not dependent on the price elasticity of demand, but the specific needs that the product is aimed to satisfy and, in some cases, aspects of brand recognition ( e . g . prestige, practicability, money saving, expensiveness, environmental conscience, or social status ).
  15. Amongst the reasons assigned by the petitioners for the step which they proposed, were the inconvenience and expensiveness of attending the annual conventions of the Synod when it met in another State, which was here years in every four; the loss to the people of whatever advantages might result from the meeting of the Synod in the midst of them annually, the slowness of the process by which any measure for the good of the Church could be introduced, because the Synod was scattered over so vast an extent of territory, that it was difficult to get as full a meeting of the Synod as was necessary for the adoption of any important measure; and because all business transacted by the Synod could be just as well transacted by the new Synod comtempleated, as could be in the Tennessee Synod ."

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