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  1. It seems that they used my trip as a PR exercise.
  2. It's a wonderful exercise in playing Shakespeare ."
  3. -- Employees can relax or exercise during the work day.
  4. Does Fonda know how popular her exercise videos are in Egypt?
  5. You start burning fat seriously after 30 minutes of sustained exercise.
  6. It's difficult to find exercise in a sentence.
  7. My students spend more time exercising their wallets than their minds.
  8. Self-help groups and regular physical exercise are also helpful.
  9. From an offensive standpoint, we try to exercise ball control.
  10. Exercising and making them feel good about themselves is very critical.
  11. "What " is more than an acting exercise.
  12. Consumers need to exercise vigilance in judging claims made for supplements.
  13. Gerloff likens the exercise program to any other that promotes safety.
  14. In fact, there was an Ozian illusion to the exercise.
  15. Prosecutors exercised the first peremptory challenge : dismissing a white male.
  16. This exercise costs me less than the maneuver damage for 1988,
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