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  1. He also realized $ 23 million from exercising options, the proxy shows.
  2. However, she does say the executive exercised options to buy the shares.
  3. Exercise options include a variety of aerobics, aqua fitness, yoga and dance.
  4. ATLANTA BRAVES _ Exercised option on RHP John Smoltz for next season.
  5. Firshein adds, " you may need to consider other exercise options ."
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  7. In 1995, he gained $ 11 . 6 million after exercising options.
  8. But he earned another $ 8 . 6 million by exercising options.
  9. Boeing on Thursday confirmed that SAS had exercised options for three 737-600s.
  10. And it exercised options for 14 more of the popular twin jets.
  11. Other Copel shareholders exercised options to sell an additional 3.8 billion shares.
  12. Bernie got a report daily of who was exercising options and selling shares,
  13. Of this gap, roughly 26 percent was attributable to exercising options.
  14. Southwest announced Tuesday that it had exercised options to buy six more 737s.
  15. Analysts said investors are absorbed with Thursday's deadline to exercise options.
  16. The exercised options will replace the Heathrow-based 747 fleet during 2015 and 2016.
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