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"exchange area" in Chinese  
  1. For communications outside this exchange area, trunks were installed between exchanges.
  2. Howabout can we agree on a common workfile exchange area?
  3. The Unit used the communications / exchange area which was improved along with the plotting area.
  4. The rules state that substitution must occur within the designated exchange area in front of the players'bench.
  5. Commercial and trade exchange areas in Santa Maria are considered as a " Central Business District ".
  6. It's difficult to find exchange area in a sentence.
  7. The ZIP Code for Mount Signal is 92231 and the area is in Calexico's telephone exchange area.
  8. Substitution must occur within the designated exchange area in front of the players bench in order to be legal.
  9. The Warsaw School of Economics cooperates with around 200 higher education institutions around the world within student and staff exchange areas.
  10. Substitution must occur within the designated exchange area ( often called " the box " ) in order to be legal.
  11. However, the electoral ward covers no less than three local exchange areas ( all of which lie within the Hillsborough'exchange ( 9268xxxx ).
  12. The redevelopment project is still in progress, but the area has already been largely renovated with a new bus exchange area and taxi pool.
  13. Hassan and a group of men standing around him also said Iraqi troops were demanding money to be let in to the weapons-exchange area.
  14. Caliente has a population of 1, 019 . Telephone numbers in Caliente follow the format ( Walker Basin in the same telephone exchange area.
  15. The waterfront is one of the busiest in New England, and, behind it, the historic Old Port Exchange area has become a shopping and dining magnet.
  16. This reclamation work added a considerable area to the central city; the original docks, close to the Exchange area of Princes Street, are now several hundred metres inland.
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