exceptionally in a sentence

"exceptionally" meaning  "exceptionally" in Chinese  
  1. The cast is exceptionally attractive; the characters are unusually affecting.
  2. But the weather has been exceptionally bad the last few years.
  3. I personally think the odds of a transaction are exceptionally low,
  4. Groves has an exceptionally lyrical, sweet-toned tenor voice.
  5. Bon Marche was exceptionally open on Sunday for a promotional sale.
  6. It's difficult to find exceptionally in a sentence.
  7. The audience responded to his exceptionally sweet voice and pliant phrasing.
  8. Last month was exceptionally chilly across the northern tier of states.
  9. Trading was exceptionally sluggish because of tomorrow's Christmas holiday.
  10. It has produced an exceptionally elegant recording of traditional religious music.
  11. Kohoutek had also been discovered while exceptionally far from the sun.
  12. "None are exceptionally large, " said Woolf.
  13. He has great lateral movement and runs the court exceptionally well.
  14. The family is very close and are holding up exceptionally well.
  15. "It's exceptionally high quality data ."
  16. The interior also is exceptionally quiet, even at highway speeds.
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