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  1. But European teams have overcome the noise and emotion, too.
  2. The other quarterfinal game involves another pair of impressive European teams.
  3. European Union officials favor turning communications over to the private sector.
  4. No European team has ever won a tournament played outside Europe.
  5. "It's something apparently common to Northern Europeans.
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  7. The town is sort of like a big European trailer court.
  8. There is very little pollution, by European or American standards.
  9. The first Europeans in what would become Oklahoma possibly were Vikings.
  10. When Americans or Europeans have good results, nobody accuses them.
  11. Few Eastern Europeans believe that Serbia is a threat to them.
  12. Ford received a boost from its long-troubled European operations.
  13. Halloween has roots both in Northern European paganisn and in Christianity.
  14. Many of those holdings were the results of European imperial expansion.
  15. Theoretically, Europeans agree it should be good for world trade.
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