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  1. Each Euronet ATM is hooked up to let consumers pay utilities electronically.
  2. Euronet operates a network of automated teller machines, mostly in Europe.
  3. Euronet got that experience in Europe, principally in former communist bloc countries.
  4. :Euronet has a Profiler for the 2009 Elections.
  5. Euronet said HiFX would be integrated into Euronet s money transfer business, Ria.
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  7. Euronet sold stock publicly in March 1997.
  8. Euronet's ATM network offers transactions beyond cash withdrawals, transfers and account balances.
  9. On July 06, 2015, electronic payments provider Euronet Worldwide, Inc . acquired XE.
  10. November 17, 2009 | ACI bought Euronet Essentis to expand card issuing and merchant management capabilities
  11. That's why Dillard's went to Euronet to operate the machines, he said.
  12. Although Euronet's machines regularly pay off consumers, investors haven't fared so well.
  13. The company is owned by Euronet Worldwide Inc . and is headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK.
  14. Euronet, which is publicly owned, sold a 4.9 percent stake to American Century Ventures.
  15. Euronet Services Inc ., Budapest, Hungary, an initial public offering of 5.3 million shares.
  16. Euronet Pakistan recently won Faisal Bank as its latest outsourcing customer for Credit Cards bringing the total to 12.
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