etrigan the demon in a sentence

  1. He appears as Baphomet early on, helping the Dark Knight defeat Etrigan the Demon and Poison Ivy.
  2. The combined efforts of Etrigan the Demon and Asmodel had caused the Spectre to merge with the fallen angel Asmodel.
  3. Etrigan the Demon used an angelic feather to bond Asmodel to the Spectre itself, a heavenly force of power.
  4. The imposter Etrigan the Demon offered them a way out through another portal, but he was merely toying with the dead villains.
  5. In the " The New 52 : Futures End " timeline, Zatanna is romantically involved with Jason Blood / Etrigan the Demon.
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  7. His enemies include the do-gooder superhero parody Goldstar, Loo, Vril Dox, Bludhound, Etrigan the Demon, and General Glory.
  8. During the Super Buddies'time in Hell, Etrigan the Demon suggested that it was Fire who was fated to die instead of Ice.
  9. Immediately afterwards he captures Wonder Woman and Artemis in Hell as part of a plan to bring about the downfall of his enemy Etrigan the Demon.
  10. In " Birds of Prey " # 118, she apparently steals some of Etrigan the Demon's magic, including the compulsion to speak in rhyme.
  11. During the " Trinity War " storyline, Etrigan the Demon is among the superheroes that feels the disturbance in the magical plane when Shazam picks up Pandora's Box.
  12. The demonic threat is nullified after the sacrifice of several patients, thanks to the joint effort of Etrigan the Demon and White tricking the demons into sending themselves back to the underworld.
  13. Etrigan the Demon offers the entire world heat at the cost of their souls; the world rejects him, primarily because his plan was to shift Earth to the dimension of Hell.
  14. When moonlight strikes the statue on the night of its unveiling, Thorn is revived and begins to wreak havoc upon the Museum and its patrons, which includes the alter egos of Superman and Etrigan the Demon.
  15. While Swamp Thing's strength has never been portrayed as prominently as many of his other abilities, he demonstrated sufficient strength to rip large trees out of the ground with ease and trade blows with the likes of Etrigan the Demon.
  16. In one adventure, Etta was kidnapped by Satanists influenced by Klarion the Witch Boy and sent to Hell, where Wonder Woman and Etrigan the demon had to travel to save her, although she remained narcotized and catatonic throughout the ordeal.
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