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  1. Before joining to SNU, he was in ETRI, Brown university, and ICU.
  2. In the last year of his studies he founded ETRi SA, a pioneering and leading company in the Mobile Services Industry.
  3. "' MT9 "'is a digital audio file format developed by Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ( ETRI ).
  4. By March 2013, six more companies joined the interoperability demonstration : Object Computing Inc . ( OCI, OpenDDS ), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ( ETRI ), IBM, Kongsberg, Milsoft, and RemedyIT.
  5. As a global ICT leader, ETRI has been advancing communication and convergence by developing SAN ( Ship Area Network ) technology, Genie Talk ( world class portable automatic interpretation; Korean-English / Japanese / Chinese ), and automated valet parking technology.
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