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  1. _eTrex Summit Hiking Companion ( Garmin _ $ 249)
  2. Upper bought his Garmin eTrex GPS receiver for about $ 100 at Amazon . com.
  3. Pick up the eTrex ( $ 109; www . garmingps . com ) by Garmin.
  4. McNeany has a low-end Garmin eTrex model GPS receiver ( about $ 110 ).
  5. This week : Garmin's eTrex Personal Navigator . ( Austin American-Statesman ) MOVED.
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  7. We're betting eTrex will be the electronic gadget every hip outdoorsperson will have in the new year.
  8. May 13, 2015 Garmin released the eTrex 20x and 30x, which succeeded the eTrex 20 and 30.
  9. May 13, 2015 Garmin released the eTrex 20x and 30x, which succeeded the eTrex 20 and 30.
  10. The eTrex Legend can also reveal your average travel speed and even an estimated time of arrival to any pre-selected waypoint.
  11. Speaking of GPS, Garmin showed one of the most elaborate devices, a $ 249 handheld combination GPS, altimeter, barometer and electronic compass called eTrex Summit.
  12. Also available is the eTrex Legend ( $ 249 ), which features built in coastline, road and highway detail, with 8 Megabytes of internal memory for downloading maps.
  13. Quite possibly the coolest gadget on the planet, Garmin's eTrex Legend ( garmin . com; $ 250 ) is the perfect blend of high technology and user-friendly functionality.
  14. Clinton's action meant that literally overnight, consumer-grade GPS devices, like the $ 267 Garmin eTrex Summit used by Rohner, increased in accuracy tenfold, becoming precise down to a range of 20-30 feet.
  15. The Summit's LCD display provides easy-to-read bearing information, compass, maps and a computer-generated fellow that can help walk you out of any woods . eTrex's altimeter determines precise altitude, while its Global Positioning System ensures accurate navigation.
  16. I also tested two basic entry-level models, the Garmin eTrex ( $ 145 ) and the Magellan GPS 310 ( $ 120 ); after using the higher-end devices, however, I was skeptical of trusting either of the less expensive models in the outdoors.
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