etre dieu in a sentence

  1. The painting was said to have been created in conjunction with " Etre Dieu, " which Dali began in the 1920s and later collaborated on with composer Igor Wakhevitch and Spanish writer Manuel Vazquez Montalban.
  2. None of this explains why Dali painted the canvas, which is roughly 3 feet by 4 feet, to mark the composition of his six-part poem opera " Etre Dieu, " featuring Dali as God and Brigitte Bardot as an artichoke.
  3. Also in the musicals, Annie, el musical ( 2002 ) and Peter Pan, el musical ( 2003 ), in the television films Dal?etre Dieu ( 2001 ) and L orquestra de les estrelles ( 2002 ) and in the feature films Seeing Double ( 2002 ) and El juego del ahorcado ( 2007 ).
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