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  1. Estate agent : Mr . David Trimble and the Ulster Unionist Party.
  2. Many estate agent chains are now paying the price for their overexpansion,
  3. But real estate agents are certainly not obligated to cover such breakdowns.
  4. Real estate agents sell houses based on scores at nearby public schools.
  5. The city has hired a real estate agent and an architectural firm.
  6. It's difficult to find estate agent in a sentence.
  7. This would be another service that a real estate agent would have.
  8. Real estate agents seldom neglect to mention it to a potential buyer.
  9. Crabcake lover and real estate agent Harry Fraser puts it another way.
  10. After a public school education he became a real estate agent.
  11. Figer said, citing delivery trucks or real estate agents as examples.
  12. Strong said, paralleling the comments of other local real estate agents.
  13. Neill studied at Belfast Model School before becoming an estate agent.
  14. European vacations are back in for Bay Area real estate agents.
  15. The real estate agent takes them to see the Sherwood mansion.
  16. Generally, companies worked with real estate agents to sell the home.
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