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  1. We are the voice of the people, not the establishment.
  2. Many factors contributed to the 49ers'establishment of this standard.
  3. -- 88 percent supported establishment of a national core curriculum.
  4. But it would affect the medical establishment and the more affluent.
  5. The establishment is oppressing and exploiting athletes, white and black.
  6. It's difficult to find establishment in a sentence.
  7. The music establishment dares not forget Webern but would like to.
  8. Traditionally, the media have been at odds with the establishment.
  9. That's a fundamental purpose for the establishment of government.
  10. He also was a subject of controversy for the critical establishment.
  11. Surprises, like fat, are something the movie establishment abhors.
  12. The restaurateurs argue that nobody picks their establishments for the music.
  13. It's a very elitist, anti-union establishment.
  14. Now what they want is the establishment of full trading ties.
  15. He sees himself attacking the liberal establishment on its home turf.
  16. Legitimate massage therapists advertise side by side with some questionable establishments.
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