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  1. Establishing ownership requires complex paperwork and often a friend in court.
  2. Establishing ownership, as well as criminal negligence, is crucial to the prosecutors'manslaughter and mischievous dog case.
  3. Despite copyright protection, legal experts said, establishing ownership of such expressions is as elusive as bottling the wind.
  4. This largely ameliorated the problems experienced by conveyance as a means of establishing ownership, but could still yield harsh results.
  5. Today a proprietor of a brand in one country has a greater chance of establishing ownership of his brand elsewhere.
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  7. This defect required a means of establishing ownership that was not contingent upon a chain of title but could be established independently.
  8. If the Sonics are indeed intent on establishing ownership of the West, they have placed a hearty down payment the past five days.
  9. On rare occasions, Congress has passed legislation establishing ownership if a tribe can show that land it rightfully owned was improperly taken, Etheridge said.
  10. And though the practice of establishing ownership through occupation has a long history in Brazil, each invasion carries the potential for another murderous showdown.
  11. The need for establishing ownership by means other than conveyance was also a result of the practical defect of a system of ownership based on valid transfer.
  12. However, the law does not require the disclosure of crucial information for establishing ownership, in particular the exact size of shares held by each shareholder, information on beneficial ownership through brokerage or indirect ownership.
  13. From practically the beginning I was faced with disruptive editing and uncivil behavior on the other party's part until I came to the conclusion the other party's behavior amounted to establishing ownership of said article.
  14. To insist upon a policy that excludes the class of editors who have the knowledge and perspective to improve the article is foolish at best, and rather close to the nonprofessional editors establishing ownership of the article.
  15. Because of the importance of the heritage of the beautiful whales, such a museum would play a vital role in establishing ownership of one of their greatest tourist attractions especially among the previously marginalised communities of the Greater Hermanus.
  16. The purpose of establishing ownership, the couple told a reporter for The New York Times last month, is to have some say in ensuring that the flag is used in a respectful and appropriate manner _ in a museum, for example, or a downtown memorial.

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