established procedure in a sentence

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  1. But he acknowledged there was no clearly established procedure for using it.
  2. But it has established procedures to control the movement of the products.
  3. The international agreement among 54 countries established procedures for returning abducted children.
  4. Assemblies and councils operated according to established procedures overseen by the augurs.
  5. In addition, Providian has " established procedures to ensure timely payment processing,"
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  7. Now I wondered whether there is an established procedure for such a case?
  8. The guild has a long-established procedure for determining who gets credit.
  9. Democrats say Republicans are changing established procedures to protect their own.
  10. Peng said the hospital followed established procedures used in the West.
  11. They make sure that the local accounting staff is following our established procedures,
  12. Some are back to freelancing, an established procedure and practice in broadcasting worldwide.
  13. MSCs can be easily extracted through well-established procedures such as bone marrow aspiration.
  14. But given USAir's record, any deviation from established procedure is unsettling.
  15. OST has established procedures should a law enforcement officer stop an OST vehicle.
  16. "We followed exactly what our established procedures are, " said Shields.
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