established practice in a sentence

"established practice" in Chinese  
  1. What I did was clearly against established practice and civil service tradition.
  2. The term is a reference to the well-established practice of Google bombing.
  3. These bodhisattvas had four leaders and guiding teachers : Firmly Established Practices.
  4. The website has nothing anything approaching established practices of vetting or peer review.
  5. They may be written or informal and based on established practices.
  6. It's difficult to find established practice in a sentence.
  7. The firm has established practices in urban regeneration and mixed-use development.
  8. When in doubt, after all, it is established practice to shoot the messenger.
  9. This last is an established practice rather than a formal right.
  10. This applies also to an established practice or conduct of a given ADM.
  11. In fact, so-called interbasin transfers are a well-established practice, with about 80 in place.
  12. This sets a substandard precedent, and completely undermines established practice.
  13. But here such established practices seem to be unheard of.
  14. This is converted, following established practice, to the final grade.
  15. We firmly believe that ending the long-established practice of ABA
  16. However, established practice is that articles are not deleted only because they require improvement.
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