established order in a sentence

"established order" in Chinese  
  1. The established order of things is being shaken on every front.
  2. Albania is also shaking up the established order of European soccer.
  3. No one who challenges the established order is free of it.
  4. Questions of the established order form in Lin's mind.
  5. They were unconventional and eccentric and not part of the established order.
  6. It's difficult to find established order in a sentence.
  7. Lose it, people say, and the established order will crumble.
  8. These stirrings seem for the most part unthreatening to the established order.
  9. The 1960s saw a rebellion against the established order.
  10. The established order collapsed rapidly because of the weakness of the Austrian armies.
  11. Several of these kingdoms eventually established orders for the exclusive membership of women.
  12. Q . You said judges weren't supposed to question the established order.
  13. Then it set about rattling the established order.
  14. The established order has been dismantled at the world's largest sporting event.
  15. Globe : Were these successes and separate communities a threat to the established order?
  16. Kulla said the government had effectively re-established order in the capital Tirana.
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