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  1. However, in more established markets, such mid-sized firms are being squeezed out.
  2. We operated within established market rules and helped keep the lights on,
  3. Comedians have to cater for the established market, " says Yusop.
  4. Chinese miners were prominent in the area and some later established market gardens.
  5. We try to minimize them by investing in well-established markets.
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  7. The established markets of Europe had troubles of their own.
  8. We are looking for an investment in an established market at an acceptable price,
  9. Many Chinese also established market gardens and set up businesses catering for new arrivals.
  10. Wiltech has established markets into Japan and throughout Southeast Asia.
  11. Wisely, the coming bed-and-breakfast is tapping into an established market.
  12. Growth in the largest and most established market, North America, is about 3 percent.
  13. Coca-Cola HBC's established markets include Greece, Ireland and Italy.
  14. Even this plan was overtaken by the collapse of its established markets in eastern Europe.
  15. Arab merchants established markets in Nubian towns to facilitate the exchange of grain and slaves.
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