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  1. He also appeared as a stunt double for Roger Moore in " Octopussy " and " Escape to Athena " among other film work.
  2. Around this time Heatwave performed " Keep Tomorrow for Me " used over the end credits of the action comedy " Escape to Athena ".
  3. Her role as stripper Dottie Del Mar in 1979's " Escape to Athena " with Roger Moore turned out to be Powers'last theatrical film to date.
  4. During 20 years in the art department, Graysmark worked on such films as " The Man With The Golden Gun " and " Escape to Athena ".
  5. In the 1970s Rauch appeared in the 1970 Hollywood film " The Eagle Has Landed " ( 1976 ) and " Escape to Athena " ( 1979 ).
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  7. His novel Seven Days to a Killing was filmed as The Black Windmill, starring Michael Caine . " Escape to Athena " is a novelization of the 1979 movie of the same name.
  8. In film and television, Blue has provided scores and / or themes for productions including " The Eyes of Laura Mars ", " Long Good Friday ", and " Escape to Athena ".
  9. A Wasp / BSA motocross sidecar outfit ridden by former world motocross champion Dave Bickers was used in the 1979 World War II film " Escape to Athena ", disguised to look like a German military BMW R75.
  10. Down the street, movie memorabilia vendor Steve Kiefer said his posters of " Escape to Athena, " with Bono listed as seventh co-star, and " Wild on the Beach, " with Bono bumped up to fourth co-star, were not for sale, the wound being too fresh.
  11. His feature film output towards the end of his life was much more erratic, with films like " Escape to Athena " ( 1979 ), " Green Ice " ( 1981 ) and " The Holcroft Covenant " ( 1985 ) being lambasted by critics and failing to find an audience.
  12. In 1979, he appeared in " Escape to Athena ", which was produced by his son David, Jr . In July 1982, Blake Edwards brought Niven back for cameo appearances in two final " Pink Panther " films ( " Trail of the Pink Panther " and " Curse of the Pink Panther " ), reprising his role as Sir Charles Lytton.

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