escape through the window in a sentence

"escape through the window" in Chinese  
  1. The students could not escape through the windows because they had metal bars.
  2. They escape through the window but soon Valerie dumps him on the roadside.
  3. The H-Man liquefies the officer, and then escapes through the window.
  4. Some saved themselves escaping through the windows, the vicar among them.
  5. Both escaped through the window but Barras died at the scene.
  6. It's difficult to find escape through the window in a sentence.
  7. Deimos escaped through the window and fled away on his dragon.
  8. He said they had apparently escaped through the window and left the region.
  9. They try to escape through the window, but are cut off by an H-Man.
  10. Tom then chases the mouse into a garage and he escapes through the window.
  11. Gonzalez said he and several other passengers escaped through the windows of the bus.
  12. Bat escapes through the window before the Larson crew arrives.
  13. Eiji and Ryo escape through the window using the Garland.
  14. She gratefully thanks him and then escapes through the window.
  15. However, Don Ramon escapes through the window, only to be denounced by El Chavo.
  16. With his friend Manfred Silberwasser he escaped through the window and leaped off the train.
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